Once upon a time, as many a good story goes...

It was 1981. My father opened a small, family-owned real estate company, Richard L. Eppley & Associates, Inc. My mother was the bookkeeper, my wife worked in the office, and my father and I worked with our buyers and sellers.

A number of years later, a partnership was formed between myself and James Horne, and we started a “Home Building” division, Eppley & Horne, Inc. 

And life was good…

Well, it was good, until 2007, when the real estate market collapsed and the mortgage industry meltdown occurred. So, believing that the best defense for survival is a good offense, we started another business…"PinkHouse Crews."

Now, to launch a new business in that depressed economic climate may have seemed risky to some, but it made good sense to us. You see, with the home building industry at a slowdown, our carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and painters, were hurting to feed their families. Having an active “Property Management Division” within our real estate company, gave us a foundation and the ability to generate work for many of those sub-contractors handling repairs for the numerous rental homes we manage. 

Since that time, we have added several other services to our business. We now specialize in gutters and gutter guards, interior and exterior painting, heating and air conditioning, remodeling, and handyman services. We have specialized crews for all of these services.

We now have the ability to put our carpenters, painters, gutter installers, and handy men back to work and help them feed their families. The future looks good...and that’s not just a good story, but a GREAT one!

PinkHouse Crews is your one-call solution for all of your home repairs and home improvement needs. Give us a call. We would be honored to serve you.

Steve Eppley, Owner
One call can fix it all